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It all started in 1962 when entrepreneur Engel and Leiv started camping at Jølstraholmen. The name Jølstraholmen comes from the starting area witch  is an islet encircled by the river Jølstra.

In 1963 they built 4 summer cabins, sanitary and playgrounds. These cabins are no history, but one of them serves as a toolbod.

In 1970 one new cabin by the river, and in 1975 5 more with all facilities. In 1977 there was a new reception and cafeteria. In 1977 Eli and Egil took over as the manager.

In 1980 new supermarket, 1985 a gas station, in 1986 a new playground and a mini golf course and a water slide in 1988.

In 1994, Eli and Eli received the award price of Jølster municipality. The reason was that they were the most expanding company in Jølster municipality, and had a total of 32 employees in full / part-time.

2002 was a construction start for the power plant we have at Jølstraholmen today, and this was completed in 2003. The power plant produces green short-range currents to all the campsites, cabins, supermarket, the gas station and the private houses on the site.

In 2004, the supermarket got renovated with Eirik in the lead. He has won a lot of prizes through the store, for both operation and selection of goods.

In 2005 there came 3 new cabins on the island.

In 2008, the playground was upgraded and further in 2011, Jølstraholmen received a whole new sanitation building, well-liked by all campers.

In 2012 we begin to remove the oldest cabins at Jølstraholmen, and replacement it with new cabins.

In 2013 Kristine and Tore took over the operation of Jølstraholmen, and they are still holding out. Kristine and Tore immediately began to develop the old barn to a place for activities and party . Today gatherings, weddings, birthdays, confirmations, etc.

From 2014 and today we have made upgrades and renovation to different cabins and facilities every year.

2016 3 new delux cabins.

In 2018 4 new delux cabins and a natural swimming pool.