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Jølstraholmen offers premium accommodation in the heart of Sunnfjord, Jølster

Not only do we have the wonderful scenery as our showcase, but we can also offer a variety of activities for both old and young. To name a few, kayak, canoe, boat, bike, e-bike, swimming pond, water slide, zip-line, trampoline, interactive play equipment, SUP Boards, fishing gear and much more.

Overnatting hovedslide
Cabins og Suites

Jølstraholmen offers a wide selection of accommodation. From the top shelf you will find our River Suites, which are an experience and attraction in themselves. On the level below are the Deluxe cabins, which give you premium comfort, plenty of space and many facilities. Last but not least, you will find our standard cabins which are perfect, if you want a slightly more affordable alternative without compromising too much on comfort.




Suites at Jølstraholmen

Our suites offer that little extra. It is an experience in itself to stay and relax here. All have fantastic views of the river and offer unique experiences. They have gone viral several times on social media due to their fantastic location and contact with nature.

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Delux cabins
Deluxe Cabins

The Deluxe Cabins at Jølstraholmen are a sanctuary where luxury and nature intertwine. Whether you're seeking a romantic escape, a family adventure, or a peaceful retreat, these cabins offer an idyllic haven where you can immerse yourself in the beauty of the Jølster Valley while enjoying the utmost comfort and sophistication.

Cabins Jølstraholmen
Standard Cabins

Our standard cabins can offer comfortable accommodation in beautiful surroundings. All are equipped with bathroom, kitchenette, TV and wifi. There is free parking at the entrance. We have 4 different categories of standard cabins, in different sizes, locations and price ranges.


Cross contry skiing

Vi har fleire gode preparerte langrennsløyper i Jølster, så her er mulighetane mange, både for liten og stor.

Alpine skiing

Jølster ski center is just a stone’s throw away from Jølstraholmen. Everyone who stays with us will receive a 25% discount on lift tickets.


Among the glacier Jølster is a paradise for ski enthusiasts. Many great peaks, soft snow and many untouched mountainsides – This is an experience you will remember forever


Toboggan is a fun activity for the wise and the children.

We have a tray for lending.

Water slide

At Jølstraholmen we have a notorious water slide, which is good for both the youngest children and those who are a little older. It is also allowed for parents to take a trip.


Spend one day on Jølstravatnet and enjoy the beautiful scenery while trying the fishing for the famous Jølstratrout.


Test out the little kayaks we have in the  natural swimming pool, or rent a kayak and take a longer trip on Jølstravatne. You can also book a guided tour if you wish.


Test ut badekulpen på Jølstraholmen, ta deg ein dukkert i elva eller ta deg ein tur til på starnda på Svidalsøyra ved Jølstravatne, mulighetane er mange.


Experience Astrup’s kingdom from the bicycle seat. We have a great new bike park with electric bikes, hybrid bikes and bicycles for hire.

We are happy to recommend tips for tours.


We have several well-prepared cross-country trails in Jølster, so here are possibilities for both adults and children.

The Riverside Sauna

Right next to the river with a stunning view.


Take a dip in our natural swimming pool at Jølstraholmen or take a dip in the river. You can also take a short car tour to svidalsøyra where they have a beach and a small playground, possibilities are many


Make the food out in the nature. If you do not have your own barbecue, we have communal grilles on site.


There are a lot of beautiful walks in Jølster. Find one that suits you or your family. We can make recommendations


In scenic surroundings you can walk 18 holes spread over 9 lanes. Sunnfjord Golf Club is just a stone’s throw away from Jølstraholmen.


Jølstraholmen is a great place for a number of attractions in the vicinity. See the most popular here.

Jølster, Vassenden

Jølster is located in western Norway. With its beautiful lakes, glaciers, mountains, waterfalls and cultural life, it is no wonder that Jølster is one of the most popular destinations in the region.