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 Riverside Sauna

Our latest addition to the Jølstraholmen family is the Riverside  sauna. It`s located on the river bank with a view of the river Jølstra. Right next to the sauna we have a natural swimming pond with the opportunity to take a dip.
The sauna is perfect to use after a day with outdoor activities. The sauna is powered with our own green energy from the river.

  • The sauna is open all year, every day between 08.00-22.00. Either you are a guest at our site, you are staying a different place or living in the are, it is possible to book and use our sauna.
  • Our sauna is located behind the big sanitary building, right next to our natural swimmingpool,with a nice view over the river.
  • Drop in means that you will probably have to share the sauna with other people that you do not know. If you like privat sauna, you have to make a group/privat booking.
  • You have to book the sauna latest 2 hours before you want to use it.
  • There is no toilet or shower in the sauna, only a small changing room where you can put your outside clothes.
  • If you like to take a shower, use the toilet or need a bigger changing room, you can use te big sanitary building for nok 50 extra.
  • Remember that you have to be finished changing and ready to go out of the sauna after 1 hour, so we  recommend to show up in swimwear, so you are ready when your time start. If you need to change after, you have to go out of the sauna 5 min before your time is up to change and be ready to leave when the next person is coming.
  • Children under 16 years can not use the sauna alone.
  • Sticks, leaves and buckets with water are not allowed inside the sauna, if you need to cool down you have to go out and take a swim. We got 1 bucket with water inside, but this is for use on the sauna heater, nothing else.
  • The sauna is not supervised by a person at all time, but there are cameraes outside and we do check the sauna from time to time between visits, if we find out that peopel are breaking the rules or extra persons are joining in withoute payin, there will be a fee of NOK 1000
  • All bathing/swimming is at your risk.
  • Always use towel on the bench.
  • Pay attention to others and leave the sauna the same way as you like to have it when you arrive.
  • We recommend to drink water to avoid dehydration. Alcohol is only allowed if you have booked a group. No alcohol on Drop-In.
  • You are liable for any damage you cause to the sauna.
  • Cancellation on Drop-in:  8 hours before arrival day- 50% refund. After 8 hours  – no refund.
  • Cancellation on group reservation: 12 hours before arrival day – 50% refund. After 12 hours- no refund.



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